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As a yurJUROR, you will be a part of yurJURY, an elite group of individuals working to resolve the problem of overcrowded courts. Along with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping resolve this very serious and costly problem, you will also be paid for your services. You will receive real cases from real attorneys to review online from your own PC, laptop or mobile smart phone at your leisure.

Once you read the case and review the evidence supplied by the attorney, you will deliberate on-line in a secured blog. You do not have to be on-line at any given time or at any time the other yurJURORs are deliberating. Once you have deliberated amongst the other yurJURORS reviewing the case, you will answer ten to twelve questions also supplied by the attorney.

Once you have answered the questions and fully deliberated in the blog, the case will be closed. You will be paid by check in your name within ten working days after the case is closed.

A Review consists of reading the case and the evidence; discussing the case with the other yurJURORS assigned to your case in the Deliberation Room; and answering approximately ten questions submitted by the attorney. Each Review is designed to take no more than an hour of your time. If you would like to be a yurJUROR, click on the Registration Form button below and fill out the form completely. There is no reason not to give complete and true answers. You will always remain anonymous. Our mission relies on your honesty and diligence.

You can view a sample case by clicking on the Sample Case button below. If you have further questions about yurJURY, please contact me at

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