Avoid the frustrations of litigating your case. Utilize the newest and best alternative dispute resolution process. Settle your case in front of a virtual panel of your peers in a matter of days. Get paid in days.

Until now, mediation was your only option to taking your case to trial in a court of law. Mediation forces you to go to court, take valuable time out of your life, tell the facts of your case to an alleged third party mediator or arbitrator who uses good cop bad cop to cut down your case so he can go the the other room and talk to the opposing side.

He will take that opportunity to hear their facts.
He will then cut down their case in an ultimate effort to decrease the distance between the two parties. Both come out feeling like they have been RAPED and justice is not served.

yurJURY allows your attorney or yourself as an individual to present the facts and evidence to a virtual “jury of your peers”. You are never in a courtroom!!

Any and all evidence is presented and both sides are heard. The virtual jury comes back with a decision in five days. All without the frustrations of going to court and in a matter of 5 days not 2 years!!

Stop leaving your clients money on the table

Use technology effectively to get your clients the justice they deserve.

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