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yurJURY was created in 1993 (in a manual form ) to help handicap legal cases. In its inefficient manual form it helped settle and litigate over 100 cases. In 2007, yurJURY moved to be a virtual litigation handicap system by using internet users as its focus group participants.

Using the internet allowed yurJURY to overcome many of the obstacles that plagues the traditional focus groups and mock trials. Time is no longer an issue. The internet user has 24/7 to review and discuss the case. They are no longer pressured by an 8 hour day. Geography is no longer an issue. yurJURY can be utilized by any attorney or insurance representative from any jurisdiction in the country and can commission a focus group from any county in the country. Travel is no longer an issue. The attorney and the participants in the focus group no longer have to be in the same room or even in the same state. That leaves the issue of cost. Cost is no longer an issue. The cost of a yurJURY focus group is fractions of the cost of the average traditional focus group or mock trial.

Because of the efficiencies that the internet brings, yurJURY has been used by attorneys and insurance representatives from all corners of the United States to help settle and litigate cases. Our clients have found the X-Ray of the legal field. Our mission is to allow our attorneys the latest in technology so they do not leave money on the table that should have went to their clients.

Our staff is comprised of the founder who practiced personal injury law for 15 years; the co-founder which has managed for 5 Fortune 100 companies; and a partner of technology that is well versed in a variety of technologies and platforms, with over 20 years in the field, including experience on a number of consumer brands that you use every day.

yurJURY was created, designed and built with ease if use in mind. We look forward to you as a client and want to hear from you as well with your comments.

About The Service

yurJURY is the legal profession's premier strategic litigation management system. If you want to win a greater percentage of your cases, take the stress out of your practice, create happy clients and get more referrals, you must use yurJURY's Strategic Litigation Management System.

yurJURY's system determines the strengths, weaknesses and value of even the smallest of cases without using other expensive, time consuming and less effective tools. Merely submit your cases along with their evidence and an accompanying set of questions.

A panel of on-line yurJURORS, who have been selected based on the same criteria used by the jurisdiction that would ultimately hear the case, will review the facts, evidence and questions submitted. They will deliberate between themselves in a secured blog and answer the questions supplied.

In less than one week, you will have a road map to victory. You will also have happy and satisfied clients along the way. No more stress from anxious clients who perceive themselves to be non-informed. Ultimately your clients will be the back bone of your very healthy referral based practice.

Regardless of what stage your cases are in, simply submit them complete with evidence and our staff will do the rest. In less than one week, you will receive: the demographics of each yurJUROR deliberating your cases; a printout of the complete deliberations by the yurJURORs; the yurJUROR answers to the submitted questions; and a summary of the findings breaking down the relevant issues of each case.

What are people saying about yurJury?

"yurJURY is very impressive. It gives you all of the issues in the case. I have used it more than once and will use it again."

Dirk Vandever, JD
Attorney, Popham Law Firm

"The uses of yurJURY are endless. It depends only on the imagination of the attorney using it. I recommend its use by every civil and criminal attorney that wants an advantage on every case."

Rafe Foreman, JD
Professor of Law, University of Missouri, Kansas City

"yurJury allows attorneys to make evidence based decisions about their case instead of just going by gut feeling or years of experience. There is no other product out there that will do that at a cost that is ridiculously low."

Mark Katz, JD
Attorney, Coronado & Katz Law Firm

"yurJURY was very insightful for our case. There were some issues that came to our attention that were honestly a complete surprise. It helped us narrow our focus preparing for trial and provided additional information for voir dire. I will absolutely be using the service again and highly recommend it."

Anne W. Schiavone, JD
Attorney, Holman Schiavone, LLC

"I was skeptical at first until I used the service and saw the results. I am a believer and referred it to the rest of the attorneys at Wallace Saunders Witchita and Overland Park, Kansas."

Timothy Finnerty, JD
Attorney, Wallace Saunders Attorneys at Law

"There is no other service you can use at every phase of your case that gives you such valuable information. If any attorney wants to discuss yurJURY, have them call me. I will be happy to talk to them."

Bryson Cloon, JD
Attorney, Cloon Law Firm

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