Virtual Tool for Attorneys


There are virtual museums, virtual universities, virtual surgery (virtual colonoscopy…ouch!), and of course, virtual sex. Virtual focus groups belong in that group. The legal profession is the last profession to welcome technology even though[..]


Why are core beliefs important for a winning verdict?


The art of Positioning a jury to a winning verdict requires you to first determine the CORE beliefs involved in the facts of your case. In order for you to determine the CORE beliefs that are involved in the facts of your case, you first have to kno[..]


Positioning in action for your vote


Before I proceed to get into greater details about my theory of Positioning, I want to show you how Positioning is being used by politicians this mid-term election to get your vote. I hope by making you aware, this will cause you to re-think your cu[..]


Attorneys and Change


I have come to the conclusion that the legal profession has a built in "free pass" allowing it to avoid change. Like the great "wizard of oz" , attorneys go behind the black curtain and perform their practice completely outside t[..]


Don't try to change the minds of jurors. It's Physics 101!


After many, many years of watching yuJURORs review and deliberate over cases, I have come to the conclusion that Newton's 3 Laws of Motion determines their decisions in every case.  Attorneys must adhere to  these laws from the initial in[..]


Old school vs. new school case research


The legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and is one of the last professions to move into the 21st Century. Attorneys are being drug to the use of the internet kicking and screaming. Recent, younger and more tech savvy, law[..]


Why change is difficult in business


Change. What a word! What a concept! There is some silly little quote I found on the internet while thinking about writing this post: “Without change, there would be no butterflies- Unknown”. Let me interject for a moment and say, qu[..]


Small business and what it means to us


Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Elizabeth. I am the Social Media Director for yurJURY. I've only worked with yurJURY for about a month, but it already has a big place in my heart. You hear about "small businesses" every da[..]