Small business and what it means to us

Published: 03/24/2017

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Elizabeth. I am the Social Media Director for yurJURY. I've only worked with yurJURY for about a month, but it already has a big place in my heart.

You hear about "small businesses" every day. The small business owner, the small business disadvantage or advantage… it runs through the media and mouths of Americans. It is a word pair usually promoted with a general fondness. But what does it really mean?

Right now at yurJURY, we have a team of about 6 people. 3 owners, 2 sales representatives, and myself. It's a small group, and we all believe that this company will turn into something huge. We believe that this business is going to change the world. Change the business practices of every attorney. Most importantly, change the lives of millions of people who sit in a courtroom, having put their faith in an attorney to provide what they consider, justice.

It's that belief that keeps us going. The belief that what we are doing is GOOD and positively molding the practice of law. We work Saturdays, Sundays, and I believe we all lay awake at night thinking about the next step, improvement or goal. Running a small business is not something that you just turn off at night, or walk away from. It’s always on your mind and in your heart.

This constant presence of devotion is usually fed by a hunger to watch your "baby” walk, talk and dance the cha-cha, and sometimes, fed by a literal hunger. Half of all small businesses go out of business within the first five years after opening; we intend to be a part of the successful half.

We’re here. We’re working. yurJURY runs through our veins and inspires a persistence and drive, that sincerely will change the world.

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