Why change is difficult in business

Published: 03/28/2017

Change. What a word! What a concept! There is some silly little quote I found on the internet while thinking about writing this post: “Without change, there would be no butterflies- Unknown”.

Let me interject for a moment and say, quotes like that make me roll my eyes, but the meaning is true. Change, typically, is a great thing. Change is necessary to improve and grow. Change for some is not easy, and it seems to be especially uneasy in business at times.

Why do businesses hesitate change? The theories are endless. I believe that many businesses hesitate change due to a fear of failure, financial or otherwise. Even if a business is unsuccessful, why change? Why risk a further lack of success?

yurJURY is all about change. We’ve commonly been saying that yurJURY is changing law and the way lawyers practice.

Our founder Chris Lucas loves the analogy: yurJURY is like an x-ray for your case. Let me elaborate on that analogy….

As a doctor, successfully treating a patient is dependent upon tools like an x-ray, CT scan, etc. to understand what’s going on beneath the surface and what the problem actually is. These modern tools make treatment guarantees, which were at one time, completely impossible to make. This mitigates the risk of doing something wrong, or maybe not catching something that’s there but you didn’t know about.

Now, translate that to yurJURY: As a lawyer, successful execution of a case is dependent upon tools like yurJURY. yurJURY uses real people to evaluate and deliberate a case to understand what’s going on beneath the surface and shows you how the case will likely be handled by actual jurors when it goes to court. yurJURY ensures a lawyer is entering the courtroom prepared with the same foresight a doctor gains from an x-ray before going into surgery.

What’s the difference here? An x-ray is a standard. Your doctor would not operate without at least giving you an x-ray first. yurJURY is not YET a standard, but will be someday.

So, back to “change”. The change lawyers need to make in their litigation practices, and to ensure they are properly representing their client, is yurJURY. That change, could help keep innocent people out of prison. That change, could awaken a hidden aspect of any case, one that only a jury could ever notice. That change, will give clients a sense of piece and lawyers an insurance in how they are litigating.

Change isn’t always easy, but so commonly is necessary!

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