Attorneys and Change

Published: 04/01/2017

I have come to the conclusion that the legal profession has a built in "free pass" allowing it to avoid change. Like the great "wizard of oz" , attorneys go behind the black curtain and perform their practice completely outside the purview of their clients. Without the oversight of their clients, attorneys are allowed to perform their job and keep their clients effectively ignorant. The clients don't know what they don't know and there isn't anyone telling them what they don't know.

If a new technology is developed that advances the legal field, the attorney is the gatekeeper to that technology, even though the beneficiary of the technology is the client. In all other professional fields, new technology is offered to the public via news media, professional journals, professional schools, professional continuing education, etc... Just imagine if there was a new technology that allowed clients to see what their case would do in front of a jury of their peers without any downside? Basically an "X-Ray" of their case. Let's say that attorneys are reluctant to use the technology for whatever reason. Would that be something that the clients need to be made aware of? I would certainly think so!!!

It is time to pull back that black curtain and start demanding attorneys use technology that advances the legal profession and has value to the client. To that end, this blog is going to devote a good part of its time to educating the public on the technology used by the legal field and that available to the legal field. You, the readers, can help do the rest and demand the technology be offered to the client.

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