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Virtual mock trials, completed in 7 days, you'll want to use them with every client.
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Be part of an elite group of individuals working to resolve the problem of overcrowded courts.
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Settle your case in front of a virtual panel of your peers in a matter of days.
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Increase the likelihood that you will win in court, or settlement - Guaranteed

If you were an NFL coach, would you watch your competitor's game tape? If you were a doctor, would you look at your patient's x-rays? As an attorney that wants the best for your clients, why aren't you doing the same thing?

Virtual mock trials, completed in 7 days, that are so affordable your firm won't have an excuse not to use them with every client.

Whats the most powerful part of a baseball pitchers swing? Its their follow-through. So after all this preparation, its your responsibility to win. The first step is to schedule a free consultation to learn if yurJury and a virtual mock trial is right for you.

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Stop leaving your clients money on the table

Use technology effectively to get your clients the justice they deserve.

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